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 english husband and indian wife!

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mr civic
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PostSubject: english husband and indian wife!   14th April 2008, 1:27 pm

There was a couple which the husband is an English and his wife is an Indian who cannot speak English. Hence, they use hand signs to communicate with each other.

Being a good wife, she goes to market everyday to purchase basic nesessities for daily consumption. One fine day, she requires a chicken leg to cook soup. Therefore, she went to the stall and lifted her leg to show to the stall owner. Wow... nice smooth leg... and so she managed to buy the chicken legs.

Then come anoter day.. this time, see requires cicken breast to cook with vege... hence, she open her blouse and show her breast... the stall owner open his eyes wide without shutting for the next few minutes... big and solid, said the stall owner.

Then one fine day.. she brought her husband around... this time the stall owners were wondering whether she is going to... but she wanted to purchase saugages... guess what????? Don't be naughty................
Her husband can speak English.... lah......
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english husband and indian wife!
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